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"Armstrong" multipurpose LED lighting fixture 60 W 6650 lm

  • Photo "Armstrong" multipurpose LED lighting fixture 60 W 6650 lm
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Capacity, W: 60

Luminous flux, lm: 6650

Protection rating, IP: 40

Overall dimensions, mm : 595х595х40

Supply mains voltage, V: 176 to 264

Light intensity curve type: cosine

Power consumption, W: 60

Emission color, white, natural

LED module operation life, hrs, min: 100 ths.

Ambient temperature, °С: -10 to +60

Overvoltage protection, V: 600

Electric shock protection class: I

Percent flicker: not more than 1%

Climatic version: NF 4

Guaranteed service life: 3 years

Power factor, min: 0.97

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