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Sound device (SD)

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The sound device is designed to guarantee a safe traffic way crossing for visually impaired pedestrians, which is ensured by sound accompanying a permissive traffic light signal.

The device is connected in parallel with the green traffic light.

When a green traffic light is present, the device emits an intermittent sound signal.

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The device remains operational under the following conditions:

- Supply voltage, V - 187÷242

- AC frequency, Hz - 47 ÷ 63

- Power consumption, max, W - 2

- Current consumption, max, mA - 50

- Transition signal sound level, dBA - 30÷90

- Audible transition signal frequency, Hz - 830÷3500

- Transition signal repetition frequency, min, Hz - 2

- Operating temperature range - from -60°С to +45°С

- Permissible relative humidity at +25°С - up to 98%

- Overall dimensions, max, mm - 120х60х30;

- Weight, max, kg - 0.15

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